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International Programme Committee

The role of the IPC is as follows:- We are grateful for their valuable assistance.

The IPC consists of the following members and, in addition, all Invited Session Chairs:-

KES-InMed-24 IPC Members

Name Affiliation
Dr. Arnulfo Alanis Garza Technological Institute of Tijuana, Mexico 
Prof. Ahmad Taher Azar Prince Sultan University, Saudia Arabia 
Assoc. Prof. Smaranda Belciug University of Craiova, Romania 
Prof. Isabelle Bichindaritz State University of New York at Oswego, USA 
Prof. Giosue' Lo Bosco University of Palermo, Italy 
Dr. Christopher Buckingham Aston University, UK 
Dr. Amir H. Foruzan Shahed University, Iran 
Assoc. Prof Anca Ignat Faculty of Computer Science, University ”Alexandru Ioan Cuza” of Iasi, Romania 
Prof. Rashimi Jain Montclair State University, USA 
Assoc. Prof. Bill Kapralos Ontario Tech University, Canada 
Assoc. Prof. Liang Li Ritsumeikan University, Japan 
Prof. Jingbing Li Hainan University, China 
Prof. Dr. Yoshimasa Masuda Yamaguchi University, Japan 
Prof. Rashid Mehmood King Abdul Aziz University, Saudia Arabia 
Prof. Dr. Mayuri Mehta Sarvajanik College of Engineering and Technology, India 
Prof. Victor Mitrana Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain 
Prof. Dr. Marek Ogiela AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland 
Dr. Marco Pota Institute for High Performance Computing and Networking (ICAR) - National Research Council of Italy (CNR) 
Dr. Vijayalakshmi Ramasamy University of Wisconsin - Parkside, Wisconsin, USA 
Prof. Marcello Sanguineti University of Naples, Italy 
Dr. Cesar Sanin University of Newcastle, Australia 
Dr. Catalin Stoean University of Craiova, Romania 
Assoc. Prof. Ruxandra Stoean University of Craiova, Romania 
Prof. Kazuyoshi Tagawa Aichi University of Technology, Japan 
Prof. Satoshi Tanaka Ritsumeikan University, Japan 
Prof. Eiji Uchino Yamaguchi University, Japan 
Prof. Hiroyuki Yoshida Harvard Medical School / Massachusetts General Hospital, USA 

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